Fullness of the heart

Bodyscapes session ,July 3rd, 2013

Bodyscapes session ,July 3rd, 2013

Some clients hone in on the words of the condition they are living with when we create their prose poem. They find new connections between their practical, day-to-day lives and their body’s experience. Others, quickly bypass the literal medical definitions to look for words within these definitions which speak of abstract issues, metaphors and analogies. 

We had to look up many definitions. Nothing seemed to connect. My client felt blocked from the truer understanding of his new just 50-year-old life with several stents in his heart. Let down, disappointed, we kept using the process. We pushed through the clogged, tight spots, through the layers and into the various chambers. We opened the dictionary and shut it many times until we circulated to Roget’s thesaurus. Then, our inabilities to flow with the creative beat opened. We were pumping with the blood of inspiration, moving oxygen to those places inside which were stifled.  

a channel, elastic, increases dimensions–fullness of the heart

ready change,  opening  gesture  to the inside passion–fullness of the heart

interior layers,  most vulnerable places,  marks left by healing of scars–fullness of the heart

conceptual volition,  soul frame , space to become larger, rhythmic life force–fullness of the heart

A week or so later, my client emailed.  He wrote,  “I believe the root of my heart issues is a lifetime of unrequited love and then self-medicating with food and more. I also believe the lesions on my artery walls are from repeated stress events.” It seems the poetic moved into a practical day-to-day understanding of his body.

My work is always interesting because it is never the same. The way to find personal meaning and insight into one’s experience with illness is as individual and particular as the illnesses themselves and mirroring the creative process.

The Red & Orange House relies on support from individual donors to maintain our work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each gift brings another art-making experience to a patient’s bedside or their family while sitting in the family surgical waiting room. Donor benefits include a weekly subscription to our upcoming newsletter. You can share in the powerful healing moments experienced by program participants and their families. 

The Red & Orange House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (pending); all gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. 


cell: 561.715.7878

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