My healing Experience with the Bodyscapes Process by Paula P

Bodyscapes session, 2013

Bodyscapes session, 2013

The Crystalline Space by Paula Pelligrino, 2013 Pastel on Fabriano Paper 36" x 24"

The Crystalline Space by Paula Pelligrino, 2013 Pastel on Fabriano Paper 36″ x 24″

Prior to my scheduled session of Bodyscapes, I had little idea about the depth of feeling physical and psychological that the process would access by the time it ended. Prior to the session, Diane asked me to think of three words to describe different aspects of my current state of mind. She asked if there was a part of my body harboring any painful or blocked energy. ( I do not have an illness per se.) I chose three words based on spontaneous reflection as to where my emotions were presently. Then, I thought of the area in my body most susceptible to discomfort.

The Bodyscape Process involves first, the creation of a piece of prose poetry and second the creation of a pastel drawing. Upon arrival, I was drawn to the brilliant and vibrant colors of the pastels laying in the boxes. The dictionary and thesaurus sitting on the table were intimidating. But, Diane’s warm nature, her excitement for what she does and her rock solid conviction that “art-making always comes when one earnestly seeks,” put my anxiety at rest.  We discussed my initial descriptive words then identified my physical weak spot.
We began, using this small bit of information and the Bodyscapes Process to systematically uncover layers of my lifelong sense of self-identity. Soon, the two initial words expanded into more and more specific words and phrases.  Patterns emerged which up to that moment remained unconsciously embedded in my psyche. To watch them take form on the page was no less than startling and absolutely cathartic. Before my eyes, I had pages of notes and lists of terms I could apply. A Newly developing self-awareness to my entire life’s journey up to this point showed itself. Thoughts, sensations, characteristics and moods always within me but not consciously expressed, were now revealed.Finally,  offered as a oppurtuntiy for greater understanding of myself and how I had gotten to the point in my existence where I am now standing.
Paula’s poem is re-printed in the earlier post  dated, August 21st 2013 titled, Lethargy, adrenal glands and disenfranchisements 

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