Trapezius stress and strain

Trapezius by Sussanah, 2013. Pastel on Fabriano paper, 24" X 36"

Trapezius by Susannah, 2013. Pastel on Fabriano paper, 24″ X 36″

The trapezius is a large, flat, triangular, superficial muscle on each side of the back.  A major strain to the trapezius limits the movements of your arms without pain. My client, a gymnast throughout her teen years, is searching for a way to be happy living with this new limiting range of motion. She experiences duress caused by a restrictive restraint, pulling her acutely cramped trapezius muscles. Daily activities such as washing dishes irritate the trapezius and make healing slow and difficult to progress. Susannah’s initial injury occurred four years ago when she was 24 years old, “just at the age when I should be strong, trying everything, creating my dreams and getting onto my purpose in life.” We worked for two hours, following the thread of insight, emotion and feeling triggered by our first inquiry into the definition of trapezius. 

“Crying, staring at myself  through the drawing makes the injury more approachable. Becoming one with the part at odds within myself. Now, I can see myself coming together.” -Susannah

Susannah’s testimonial:

The experience of art therapy with Diane was really powerful. Through the process of breaking down definitions and words that have personal meaning to me, I was able to uncover a lot of feelings and rediscover my path to healing. Diane is very warm and inviting and helps you feel comfortable to explore your emotions through the medium of art. Through drawing, I was able to connect with my injury in a way I never had before. I especially loved using the soft and smooth textures of the pastels. I hope to work with Diane more in the future. 

Becoming Whole by Susannah

Left side
By my heart
A heart which holds sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress
To free from duress
Pain is the
Constraining force
A force that brings good fortune or adversity
Becomes happiness by chance
Or a hindrance?
Injury by overuse
Is a use for change
But can be made slow or difficult in progess
To gain freedom
Demands intensity of action
To carry out a purpose
Beyond geographical or political boundaries
Becoming  whole person

The Red & Orange House relies on support from individual donors to maintain our work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each gift brings another art-making experience to a patient’s bedside, their family sitting in the family surgical waiting room, a private home or workshop. Donor benefits include a weekly subscription to our upcoming newsletter. You can share in the powerful healing moments experienced by program participants and their families. 

The Red & Orange House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (pending); all gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

cell: 561.715.7878

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