PTSD prose poetry worksheet, November, 2013

PTSD prose poetry worksheet, November, 2013

PTSD is a common response to trauma, following a disturbing injury, resulting in a disturbance of order. We looked up each word-post, traumatic, stress and disorder.  I did not know what to expect using the Bodyscapes Program to search for meaning with a client living with PTSD.  In this session, we decided to use the words, post, traumatic, stress and disorder. We did not isolate a spot in my client’s body where she feels the effects of PTSD. Looking up the definitions to PTSD lead us to create lists of words-injury, disordered state,  mental/emotional stress, force, pushes against, mental tension, causing disease and altering equilibrium. Tracking the idea behind those words in the thesaurus unveiled words with meanings closer to the intensity of my client’s PTSD experience. The idea behind the word, consequence, lead to the words event, it happened, fall into the lot of, in the natural course of things, and important concern. Reprehensible lead to the idea of wrong doing, gross impropriety, culpable and harmful. The word, equilibrium, refers to a state of balance and poise. Harmonious brings the idea of parts agreeable, related and in accord. 


PTSD prose poetry worksheet #2. November, 2013

PTSD prose poetry worksheet #2. November, 2013

“Most of the words on my lists explain how I felt after the experience. This exercise has brought to light how much I have healed.  15 years later, I am healed enough to recognize, I have grown courageous and my parts are harmonious.

It Happened by Program Participant

It happened, the incident, in the course of things.
Resulting in my parts falling to the lot of a grave impropriety.
A harmful wrongdoing pushed against my equilibrium,
Altered my poise, causing disease, the consequence of his disordered reality.
Heartbroken, I consoled myself.
Comforted my freight.
To grow courageous again,
My parts harmonious.

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