The Hurry of the Sprout


Hurray of the Sprout by Cathy B, Pastel on Fabriano paper, 12" x 18", 2014

Hurray of the Sprout by Cathy B, Pastel on Fabriano paper, 12″ x 18″, 2014






Days before a Bodyscapes session, each client takes some time to think of the three words needed for their Bodyscapes session. The first word describes your illness or emotional condition. The second word lists where in your body you feel the most pain from your illness or emotional condition.  The third word describes how you feel about living with the illness or condition. Sometimes, emotional conditions change right before a session.  “I’m not going to use the words I chose last week. Because that’s not what is really going on. We’re trying to get pregnant.”

Cathy picked new words. We opened the dictionary to morphology, sperm and motility. The dictionary lists words alphabetically and explains the meaning of these words by supplying the idea the words are intended  to convey. Morphology means changing shape. The word motile defines as inner feelings of action, melodic change of pitch and the inclination of the will. Sperm can be defined as a sprout. Cathy B easily moved into the altered state of the artist.  She wrote:

His seed is a deliberate action/motion. But he is scared. Tied to the fear because of the uncertainty. It’s a change. It’s a cute little sprout. But, it is a big change. Ask him to make a choice or be more brave or have more trust and faith. I am modeling this, but I am not perfect. Who am I  to ask or to model? I have my own doubt. So, it becomes a cycle. 

“I have anxiety about my role,” she confessed. Anxiety, throat and role became our new list of words to define.  Quickly, after looking up these words in the dictionary another piece of writing came to Cathy.

A construction in the passage makes it harder for the entrance to happen. Self-doubt about my capacity to cope with the fear. It leads to an overwhelming apprehension, a tightness. But… it is all coming from the MIND. It’s changeable.

“It’s not coping that is really my fear. It’s about thriving and living. Let’s define the words constriction, cope and fear.”  Cathy tapped into her inner knowing. 

The constriction is the passage, the receptical, the yin and the yang. It’s both the receiver and passageway out. And the will of the motility is a choice to volunteer to a different kind of choice. The coping is the contact. The  kissing, co-existing, touching, and meeting. That takes me off the hook, less pressure. I don’t have to change the world around me. I just have to meet it. Or kiss it.

Stimulated, Cathy said, “I want to use three new words.” This time, we turned to the thesaurus. The thesaurus operates exactly conversely to the dictionary. Given the idea, the thesaurus supplies words by which the idea may be most aptly described in different shades of meaning. Tracing our new three words, sprout, brave and commitment, Cathy quickly composed more writing, enriched by her new treasury of expression.

Little Sprout! Hurry of spirits, our inner feelings and action. Our will, our motility with our coping will equal the melodic change. 


Why hasn’t it happened yet? I go to blame. You have not made your stand. You aren’t committing, swimming strong and clear. Stop being wishy-washy, I feel. But wait! You are not being wishy-washy. You have not  faltered from this one bit. You have always said you were ready. It’s me. It’s my stuff. It’s my fear of abandonment. Fear of the karmic patterns repeating. What power do I actually have to change them?

“My husband and I have been asking the little sprout to hurry up. And we have not understood what has taken so long. Through this process, I can look at things very differently. I know I will able to apply the love I feel right now, coming through me, to my current situation and how it will evolve.”

Cathy’s drawing titled, The Hurry of the Sprout, is the pictorial representation of the combination of all the expressive writing she produced in the session. Her initial search into the meaning of the word, sperm, informed the central oval shapes. “This is where the sperm lives. The small circle is the sprout.” Cathy layered light green pastel onto the existing dark blue pastel. Delicately, as instructed, she blended. “I am learning from the blending. Learning how to use the pastels as I go along. I think that is kinda like what parenting will be.”  The golden yellow bands represent the sperm moving with great volition and will  out of the testicles. Suddenly, the yellow ribbon across the top of the page changed Cathy’s understanding of what the oval circles represented. Now, she saw two figures kissing and their child near their chins. She added pink/orange bands to represent the energy of her willingness to take in the power she will need to lead her family forward,  flowing through her, embracing her husband around the shoulder, hugging him, wrapping herself around him and the baby. 

Cathy reported that the drawing component of The Bodyscapes Technique created another whole expression than what she came to in the words. “I absolutely lost track of time. I felt like we were so in the flow of things that I could just let myself go. Something I do not do that often. Just that is therapeutic. At the end of the art section, I felt energized, enthusiastic AND LOVED.” 


The Red & Orange House relies on support from individual donors to maintain our work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each gift brings another art-making experience to a patient’s bedside, their family sitting in a family surgical waiting room, a private home or a workshop. Donor benefits include a weekly subscription to our upcoming newsletter. You can share the powerful healing moments experienced by program participants and their families. 


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