My Incurable Life

Cage of Hell by Lois Poblitz, pastel on Fabriano paper, 12" x 18", 2014

Cage of Hell by Lois Poblitz, pastel on Fabriano paper, 12″ x 18″, 2014

I write blogs describing my experiences in my Bodyscapes sessions. Sometimes,  there is nothing I can share that is as insightful and meaning filled as a piece of writing created by a client. Here is, My Incurable Life ,by Lois Poblitz. Her accompanying drawing titled, Cage of Hell, is a visual representation of living with an incurable disease.

My Incurable Life by Lois Poblitz

I live in a world filled with pain. From a migraine to visual perception being refrained including my intense emotional ties, relentless without pity, I beleive some of the lies.

My body that is hopeless, confused and alone in solitary confinement down to my bones. Oh, right side, give me a break. It is not right to always take.

I’ve worked with words that opened my eyes. Pain on right side that does not contain the heart of my being that I need to refrain. I thought I was strong; incurable disease. Am I a victim of medical lies?

Incurable, hope deferred, abandoned by my useless self. Having past hope, desperate-a goner myself.

Why do I question rude remarks toward me?

Emotional pity, be gone! Set me free!

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