The Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland will host The Bodyscapes Technique workshops in 2015 funded by the Lloyd Symington Foundation grant.

Wolf at the Door, by Margo Rivera-Weiss, pastel on Fabriano paper, 8"x 10", 2014

WInged Heart by Margo Rivera-Weiss pastel on Fabriano paper, 8″x 10″, 2014

pastel on Fabriano paper, 8"x 10", 2014

Quickness  by Karen, pastel on Fabriano paper, 8″x 10″, 2014

 I am very pleased to announce the collaboration between The Red & Orange House and  the wonderful  Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland.  Spring 2015, I will conduct two Bodyscapes Technique workshops for the WCRC  community. The workshops will be funded by The Lloyd Symington Foundation.  WCRC helps women with cancer improve their quality of life through education, supportive services, and practical assistance. They offer a variety of classes and workshops to promote healthy living, cancer prevention, and quality of life through creativity, movement, education, and activism. Learn more about WCRC…. 

I met with Margo Rivera-Weiss, WCRC’s Manager of Community Wellness Programs and curator of the JanRae Community Art Gallery, and Karen, a volunteer. I conducted a fast and furious 35 minute,  hands-on Bodyscapes presentation. 

The presentation was fast, indeed.  Luckily for me,  both women were practicing artists~Margo a watercolorist and Karen a pastelist. Normally, a Bodyscapes workshop lasts two and a half hours. The three components~a writing activity, a drawing activity and a time for reflection~ take 45 minutes each to complete. Margo and Karen had to work fast, completing each component in 10-12 minutes.  Margot and Karen are committed to help those living with cancer. So, we engaged in the Bodyscapes  art-making experience as a mindfulness practice to promote and support their own self-care. The Red & Orange House recognizes the need for emotional and spiritual sustenance for health practitioners in the cancer field.  

We explored the modern malady everyone in our ever updating, digital workplace experiences~stress. 

Our fast paced lives seem to be causing us to forget specific details of places and faces. We risk forgetting the essential details that make up our unique selves. Art-making slows down our overworked selves. The Bodyscapes Technique allows us to slow down, to focus, then choose what to remember and highlight. 

Quickness by Karen, 2014

My quickness to get things done makes me move with a rapid rush and speed. When I slow down, I still feel a quickness and rush into my movements with a force that is not necessary. But, I still feel that rush or bolt to get things done quickly. Even if I have all day to do it. 
Margo’s writing communicates what really matters to her. We can ask ourselves what is at stake for  “the pressure cooking doing double-time”? She pins down and reminds us to remember one of the the core significances for living,  “desiring the nourishment of understanding. ” 

Wolf at the Door by Margo Riviera-Weiss

Pressure cooker doing double-time, express train breathing the strain, winged rocket spurting tension, deeply desiring the nourishment of  understanding. 

Visit Margo’s website, highlighting her bright, bold and detailed watercolor drawings.

“Diane, thanks a lot  for the presentation. We both really enjoyed it and I think this will be a great collaboration.” ~Margo Riviera-Weiss

“Thanks Diane, very creative presentation.  Your attention to  detail is something I love, also your attention to time is something else I love.” ~ Karen

The Red & Orange House relies on support from individual donors to maintain our work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each gift brings another art-making experience to a patient’s bedside, their family sitting in a family surgical waiting room, a private home or a workshop. Donor benefits include a weekly subscription to our upcoming newsletter. You can share the powerful healing moments experienced by program participants and their families. 

The Red & Orange House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.






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