Bodyscapes @ Project Open Hand in San Francisco for Meals Heals! Luncheon for Long Term Survivors of AIDS Blog 3/4

daine and tallisman smilingJPGWhat makes this project so special to me is that these men and women live expressive lives – they were the marginalized, artsy kids, who willingly came to San Francisco to seek freedom; freedom in how they dressed, how they lived and who they loved. Working with souls who show emotion and feel clearly and openly is an art teacher’s dream.

I am very honored that all the participants loved the workshop. They’ve been in San Francisco long enough to attend a host of various creative therapies directed toward living and coping with AIDS (as well as being bullied, being gay, etc). What they told me is that Bodyscapes WAS significantly different than other workshops. It gave them a process of how to create a poem and a drawing that addresses the illness ITSELF, giving voice to the VIRUS ITSELF. 

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