Bodyscapes @ Project Open Hand in San Francisco for Meals Heals! Luncheon for Long Term Survivors of AIDS Blog 4/4

diane jesus holding handsMy workshops with Honoring Our Experience (HOE) long term survivors of AIDS have been beyond satisfying. I am not constrained in the confines of working within the professional protocol of a hospital environment. At Project Open hand I am with people in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, talking candidly about their suffering — not only their illness, but their sexuality and watching their dear friends die, plus their concerns about potential homelessness. I can talk and cry with them as well as rhapsodize about the sensation of the smoothness of our French pastels smearing across each piece of  Italian artisan paper.

Gregg’s group receives my genuine, fully open passion, born out of my gratitude to be healthy and conduct BodyScapes workshops.

 Diane and Jesus

On March 20th, I ate another delicious Meals Heals! lunch followed by a nutrition lecture about probiotics. We watched a demonstration of how to make sauerkraut. At 2 PM, we cleared the tables and started to engage in Bodyscapes workshop #2- which was a drawing activity. We focused on creating contour line drawings of the part of their bodies most affected by living with HIV and/or its subsequent other medical complications.

Jesus Guillen,  featured in the film, Last Men Standing, reflected on the process of creating his drawing:

“ Bodyscapes is motivational drawing because it is not only the you that you are, but the you that you can be and who you were–so it is all life put into that drawing that is telling you somehow all the different parts of yourself.”

I am now working with a photographer and catalog designer, Zanne DeJanvier,  to rev up for the exhibit likely to be in January 2018 at PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) Gallery in the Mission.  Stay tuned for details.



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