WCRC Bodyscapes 2017 Opening Night Art Reception–September 15th at WCRC 6-8:30 PM



IMG_6844 (1)

This was the longest workshop to date:  12:30-5:30.  It produced a slower pace that was less intense, and therefore we could spend more time editing the poetry. This year, Bodyscapes is moving toward a spoken word poetry engagement  which means that every artist is going to read her poems out loud to the audience at the opening reception.  We worked on our poems with a focus on finding the refrain – the core essence of the poem.  I am excited about this added aspect of Bodyscapes.

Demetrice Thompson

During the time of reflection following the drawing activity, Dee contemplates the poem she wrote to accompany her drawing.

 The women involved all told me that they were glad they were part of this, would try to return, and would recommend it to friends!  They all wished me well, and they look forward to us gathering again for the opening night reception on September 15, 6-9, at WCRC.  And you are all invited!

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