WCRC & Bodyscapes July 2017

Margo Salem

Margo Salem chooses vibrant red pastel to begin her drawing. She is drawn to making strong statements, also evident in her poetry.

Something else new was the Innvocation — we formed a circle holding hands in a way to bring the participants closer, a transition time, to put aside the outside world and evoke the creative muse.  The Innvocation is a way to honor the artists’ bodies living with cancer, and to create community with WCRC members past and present who have come to that building for 40 years to share their experiences of living with cancer.

Christine Cahill

Christine Cahill, living with the effects of radiation treatment, applies pastel to create a soft watercolor effect in the background of her drawing.

 The Innvocation importantly voices the concern of participants who come to Bodyscapes with apprehension about their abilities to make art. The Invocation assures us that the muse will lead us mindfully, and with joy.

Margo Rivera Weiss

Margo Rivera-Weiss, a professional artist herself, participates in Diane’s Bodyscapes for the first time. Margo is a mainstay employee at WCRC, and it was an honor to work with her.

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