3rd Summer in a Row-Bodyscapes at WCRC in Oakland- July 2017 Workshops-Funded by The Lloyd Symington Foundation

Christine Cahill, Nava Mizrahhi, Maria Lentzou, Demetrice Thompson, Diane Sciaretta, Stephanie , Margo Salem

(L to R) The six participants felt that they had a fruitful Bodyscapes Healing Art Workshop at the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland, CA

In July, I conducted workshop number 6 at WCRC.  This is the third year in succession for our enlightening Bodyscapes processes and we have grown from strength to strength. All participants were first-timers to Bodyscapes.  This year, I reached out to the Sister to Sister Group and a Latinx Lunchtime Support Group, making a small presentation to both groups to encourage them to come to my workshop.  This produced three participants!

 A first time experience was the presence of a Spanish-speaking translator and two interns which added a welcome element of help.  Also it provided some peer camaraderie for me — the interns were recent graduates in Expressive Art Therapy.

Angela Castillo, Spanish Translator, Stephanie Walpole, Intern and Maria Lentzou, Intern

(L to R) Spanish translator, Angela Castillo, with interns Stephanie Walpole and Maria Latzou, enjoy observing, assisting and taking part in the Bodyscapes workshop conducted in July. The interns just earned their Masters’ Degrees in Expressive Art Therapy. I found these young women through an ad I placed in the California Institute of Integral Studies, and I was very pleased with their response.

 This year,  Penni Hudis, the Interim Executive Director of WCRC ,attended a Bodyscapes session.  I  met Penni a year ago, and she has been incredibly supportive. This was the first time she had taken part in my workshop — in fact, she had never taken an art class before! I coached her, and she was delighted with her resulting drawing. So this was a first time for both.

Penni Hudis, Interim Director, WCRC

Penni Hudis, Interim Executive Director of WCRC, experiences first-hand Diane’s Bodyscapes, for the first time — and found it a powerful and positive experience. Penni had never drawn before, and was astonished at the resulting artwork she produced!

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