LGBTQIA+Elders:Celebrating Resilience: SFAF Elizabeth Taylor 50-Plus Network members make art with Bodyscapes Diane, Blog 2/4

Many of the artists were young people when they or their lovers were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. For over twenty — thirty years they have survived. Now, they live to tell younger members of the LGBTQIA+ communities’ what it is like to live past the epidemic, to thrive and to age. These long-term survivors have tremendous resilience and flexibility of mind and body. They are the LGBTQIA+ community’s elders, the caretakers of valuable insights – deep and rich narratives full of subtlety and surprise.

Newton Butler’s eloquently poetic insight, in search of an answer to the physical and symbolic pain of aging, is to call for “…childhood eyes Re-Born!”

Screen shot 2018-11-28 at 11.09.22 AM


Jesse Crosslin passionately articulates his lifelong quest to continue loving while living with HIV. “I am searching inside myself, deep inside my soul…once filled with the wonderful essence of our love…I’m healing…I’m going to love again”



Sister Used Carlotta, aka Carlos, identifies his secret of how to be happy after something bad happens. “Rejuvenation, Invigorates, Intoxicates….” leading to a new twist on his concept of self. “This is the new old me, the old new me.”



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