The Red & Orange House is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

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The Intention

Funding for The Red & Orange House in 2013 will enable the continuation and expansion of my work in physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings. In addition, I intend to focus on further developing the Bodyscapes Program.

The particular objectives for 2013 for The Red & Orange House are:

  • double the amount of time in healthcare settings with patients
  • expand the use of the Bodyscapes Program in my private practice
  • engage in pilot projects using the Bodyscapes Program
  • develop a patient survey to gauge the effectiveness of Bodyscapes Program
  • participation in one of the 2014 residencies for artists-in-residence at Shands Hospital through the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida
  • ongoing education in the arts and medicine field as well as the visual and healing arts
  • start preliminary work to publish a book of Bodyscapes Program’s art including drawings made by patients and families to serve as a prototype/manual for others to use as a reference in practicing the technique

The particular Methods to be used include:

  • finalize arrangements with healthcare facilities and hospitals to develop pilot projects utilizing the Bodyscapes Program
  • research existing survey methodology and develop our own measurement tool for Bodyscapes Program
  • publish research gathered through Bodyscapes Program measurement tool
  • The Red & Orange House will publish a weekly blog

 Future Programs of The Red & Orange House

Your contributions to the ongoing activities of The Red & Orange House will greatly assist us in refining our techniques and bringing them to more patients and their families. One of our long term goals is to transform the health care setting by sharing the artwork created by patients and their families in hospital lobbies, waiting areas and patient treatment rooms. We believe when patients and visitors view the artwork, it demystifies illness: the more you know, the less you fear. We are excited to document all our artwork to be published in our future book  about the Bodyscapes Program. 



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