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mark 2Diane Sciarretta received her degree in fine arts from The Boston Museum School and Tufts University where she was awarded the Allie Pratt Traveling Art Scholarship. After, she received an art educator credential from Massachusetts College of Art. Ms. Sciarretta worked as a public school art teacher and special education consultant using art to re-engage low performing students. In 2001, Ms. Sciarretta organized and managed a week-long art-making workshop with art therapist, Joseph Zinker. In the Summer of 2009, she helped children who lost a parent to cancer to express themselves through uplifting art projects at Camp Kesem in South Florida. While living in San Francisco, Ms. Sciarretta served adults living with disabilities at Helper’s Home for the Retarded. Currently, she supports adult artists with developmental disabilities to tap into their artistic abilities at Creativity Explored. 

 In July 2012, she obtained a certificate of completion in the Arts in Healthcare Summer Intensive at the University of Florida where she studied the history and funding for transforming the healthcare experience through the Arts. Ms. Sciarretta has studied, “Life-Art Dialogues: Moving Metaphors” at the Tamalpa Institute and “Passion & Purpose: The Tamashii Method” at the Center for Spiritual Healing. In 2011, she became certified in the healing art of Reiki. Ms. Sciarretta enjoys a twenty -five year yoga and meditation practice.

The Red & Orange House relies on support from individual donors to maintain our work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each gift brings another art-making experience to a patient’s bedside or their family while sitting in the family surgical waiting room. Donor benefits include a weekly subscription to our upcoming newsletter. You can share in the powerful healing moments experienced by program participants and their families. 

The Red & Orange House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EI #30-6346085

All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. 





2 thoughts on “more about me

  1. Hi Diane,
    I’m an LCSW at Ashby Health Center in Berkeley trying to find a way to connect my patients to you. I’m sorry I missed the workshops you did earlier this year at WCRC! Are you planning anything in the near future? PLEASE let me know!

    • hi jeanette, thanks for emailing. the show was amazing, very powerful for all the artists and their families who came together to look at these new visions of cancer. i do believe i will be doing another set of two workshops, an art opening and a catalog at WCRC. i apply for my 2016 symington grant on october 1st. there are no certainties, but, the director and the treasurer attended the opening and seemed very, very pleased. that’s a good sign! i will know by mid november if i am funded for a second cycle. if not, i am available to conduct for fee individual sessions and group workshops. does ashby health center have a space? is there a rental fee? thank you for reaching out. i want to connect with as many patients as possible to bring bodyscapes into their lives.

      best, diane

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