A Child with Food Allergies

Untitled by Roman F, 2012. Pastel on Fabriano paper, 24" x 36"

Untitled by Roman F, 2012. Pastel on Fabriano paper, 24″ x 36″

Food Allergies, Repugnance is the opening line of a ten-year-old boy’s poem about how he feels living with food allergies. When I work with young children, I hand out a list of various emotions as a tool to simplify the Bodyscapes Program. On this day, before I realized I handed out the list used for high school workshops, I heard my client proclaim, “Oh yeah! Irked, I don’t really know what the word means. But I am taking it for my word list. Definitely.” Moments later, he declared the same about the word, repugnance.  When we looked up each word in the dictionary, he was quite happy to learn that the meaning of irked and repugnance matched his feelings about his food allergies. He was also quite interested to look up, irked and repugnance, in the thesaurus. As we followed synonyms for both words in the thesaurus, he muttered statements. “Oh baby, that’s it” or “Yup, I have that symptom.” We had a poem soon. 

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